3 Best Practices for Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads can be used for any business that advertises on search, but your website could be hurting your performance. Learn the three most valuable website characteristics needed for DSA success.

Dynamic Search Ads Best Practices | How To Create Dynamic Search Ads Campaign In Google Ads

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How to create a dynamic search ads campaign in Google Ads and find customers searching on Google for precisely what you offer.

Here’s the link to Google Ads Support Centre for Dynamic Search Ads:

About Dynamic Search Ads
Dynamic Search Ads are the easiest way to find customers searching on Google for precisely what you offer. Ideal for advertisers with a well-developed website or a large inventory, Dynamic Search Ads uses your website content to target your ads and can help fill in the gaps of your keyword based campaigns. Dynamic Search Ad headlines and landing pages are also generated using content from your website, which keeps your ads relevant and saves you time. All you need to do is add a creative description. Without Dynamic Search Ads, even well-managed Google Ads accounts with many keywords that can miss relevant searches, experience delays getting ads written for new products, or get out of sync with what’s actually available on advertisers’ websites.

How they show
When someone searches on Google with terms closely related to the titles and frequently used phrases on your website, Google Ads will use these titles and phrases to select a landing page from your website and generate a clear, relevant headline for your ad.

How targeting works
Dynamic Search Ads use content from the landing pages on your website to target your ads to searchers. You can choose from a variety of targeting options to specify which landing pages that Dynamic Search Ads should use. You can target groups of URLs with targeting types such as URL_Contains or “Categories”, or target specific URLs with URL_Equals or Page Feeds. More details below:

URL_Equals: Targets individual URLs from your website. For example, if you’re new to Dynamic Search Ads and want to test it out, you can create a URL_Equals target for your website’s home page.

URL_Contains: Targets pages with URLs containing certain strings.

Categories: Google Ads-generated sets of landing pages from your website, organized by theme. You decide which sets of pages to target, how to group similar pages, and the level of detail. If you want to start using Dynamic Search Ads quickly, the “Landing pages from your standard ad groups” category targets all webpages that you’re currently running search ads against in your account. It makes it easy to increase traffic on the webpages that you’re already using as landing pages in existing ad groups and campaigns. Categories such as “Landing pages from your standard ad groups” are available only for domains for which Google Ads can generate categories.

Page feed: Upload a spreadsheet of URLs for the most focused controlled targeting. You can then target your entire feed or parts of it. For instance, you can label pages about “products with 4-star reviews” or “hotels with lots of availability” and target URLs with those labels only.
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1:40 How do Dynamic Search Ads work?
3:20 Dynamic Search Ads page feeds
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0:00 What are dynamic search ads
1:34 How to create dynamic search ads
10:38 How to create a page feed
14.16Pros and cons of DSA

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