Google Creates Bubble Chart Template For Data Studio

A new and free template for Google Data Studio will help you analyze query data from Search Console.

Google Data Studio Tutorial – Lesson 39 – Scatter Chart

In this tutorial, we will be discussing about Scatter Chart in Google Data Studio

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Learn the basics of using Google Data Studio including how to manage, edit and arrrange data for reports using different data sources.

This lesson has been made using Google Data Studio using Chrome Browser but is applicable for other supported browsers as well.

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How to Create and Customize scatter plot in Google Data Studio or Looker | #scatterplot in #looker

in this video we are going to see how we can Create and Customise scatter plots in our looker dashboard.

So we will be creating this scatter plot which you can see on screen from scratch.

But before we go ahead and start creating this scatter plot, let’s first discuss what exactly is the scatter plot and how it can be useful in your dashboard.

A scatter plot aka scatter chart or scatter graph uses dots to represent values for two different numeric variables. The position of each dot on the horizontal and vertical axis indicates values for an individual data point. Scatter plots are used to observe relationships between variables.

And if we talk about the use of scatter plot, then we can say that it is used to determine whether or not two variables have a relationship or correlation between them

In looker the scatter plot will show your data as points or circles on a graph using X (left to right) and Y (top to bottom) axes.
It can include a trendline that shows how the variables in the chart are related

Scatter charts in Looker Studio let you see the relationship between 2 metrics for up to 3 dimensions. For example, a scatter chart can show if there’s a correlation between height and weight for a particular age, letting you answer questions such as “Does weight increase with the increase of height, do we have adequate weight based on your height?”

We can include a trendline that uses one of 3 different calculation types (linear, exponential, or polynomial ). The general direction of slope of the trendline shows the type of relationship (“correlation”) between the variables: a slope upwards from left to right indicates a positive correlation. In other words, the more X, then the more Y.
A slope downwards from upper left to lower right can mean a negative correlation: the more X, the less Y.
Lack of slope can mean there is little or no correlation between the variables. Data points nearer the trendline are more closely correlated than those farther away from the line.

In order to select a scatter plot the first thing that you will need is a data source ,once you have your data source then you can go to add a chart option and select scatter plot under scatter section.

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How to create Scatter and bubble chart in google data studio

In this google data studio video tutorial as part of this lecture we will see How to create scatter chart in google data studio.

Also we will see how to apply filters to scatter charts
how to create 100% scatter chart in google data studio
How to create bubble chart in google data studio
how to apply filters to bubble charts

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