Why the Path to PPC Success Is Rarely Straight

Getting great PPC results can be a long process of developing creative solutions, testing, and adjusting. Here's what that process looks like in practice.

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PPC Case Studies: How To Set Your Campaigns Up For Success In 2021

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11 PPC Tools to Help Your Ads Succeed in 2021

Today we’re talking about tools that we use almost every day here at Conversion Giant to help our paid advertising clients succeed. Some of these tools cost money but most of them are free and none of them are sponsored. Without further ado, let’s get started!

00:00 – The Best PPC Tools
00:34 – Google Keyword Planner
01:29 – Google PageSpeed Insights
02:42 – Google Tag Assistant (browser extension)
03:53 – Google Analytics
05:20 – Google Sheets
06:03 – Google Ads (Auction Insights)
06:56 – Wayback Machine
07:46 – Facebook Ad Library
08:26 – SEMrush/SPYfu
09:03 – GoDataFeed
10:09 – Swydo

Read our full article on PPC Tools here: https://conversiongiant.com/11-ppc-tools-to-help-your-ads-succeed-in-2021/

At Conversion Giant, we specialize in conversion strategies for both eCommerce and lead-based companies. We provide search and advertising based services such as PPC, paid advertising, and SEO management. We also use conversion tools which help to improve conversion rates on client websites. Most importantly, we match your unique company objectives to the best possible solutions so you get results faster. Visit our website to learn more!

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8 Steps to PPC Success for SaaS Brands (Webinar)

With long sales cycles and an emphasis on demos, SaaS companies have a unique set of marketing obstacles. The same goes for advertising on platforms like Google and Bing.

This webinar covers 8 steps SaaS brands can take to achieve PPC success. Steve Dang, Director of Digital Marketing and Strategy at HawkSEM, walks us through his top PPC tips to drive maximum impact.

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