Why WP Rocket is Responsible for Some of Google SERPs Glitch

Google dropped images from recipe blog rich snippets again. Some say WP Rocket might have something to do with it.

How to Eliminate Render Blocking Resources on WordPress

If you have just done a pagespeed insights test and got the message to eliminate render-blocking resources, this video will help you do that just that!

For a full in-depth walkthrough, check out the article we published here:

WP Rocket Best Settings | WordPress Speed Optimization | Speed Up WordPress 2023

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In this WP Rocket Tutorial, I will show you how to easily speed up your WordPress website using the powerful WP Rocket caching plugin. This step-by-step guide covers everything from installation to advanced configuration, so you can get the best WP Rocket settings and boost your website’s performance.

In this video, we’ll guide you through the entire process of installing, configuring, and optimizing WP Rocket for your WordPress site. We’ll start with the basics of caching and why it’s essential for your website’s speed and performance. Then, we’ll dive into the various features of WP Rocket, such as page caching, file optimization, and lazy loading.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced WordPress user, this tutorial will help you understand how to use WP Rocket to improve your website’s loading speed, enhance user experience, and boost your SEO ranking. So, hit that subscribe button and stay tuned for more WordPress tutorials from Onlinemond.

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00:00 What is WpRocket?
00:24 WpRocket Pricing
01:25 Best WordPress Hosting
02:01 WpRocket Best Settings
03:16 File Optimization
07:01 Database Optimization
08:31 Image Optimization with Webp
10:50 Website Speed Improvement Result

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How to Speed Up Your Website With Astra And WP Rocket (2023)

In this video, we take a deep dive into optimizing your website’s performance with the powerful combination of Astra, a lightweight WordPress theme, and WP Rocket, a top-tier caching and performance optimization plugin. Follow our step-by-step guide to install, configure and set up these tools for maximum speed gains, improved user experience, and higher conversions.

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Video Timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction to Astra and WP Rocket
00:25 – Installing and activating Astra
00:47 – Installing and activating WP Rocket
01:12 – Configuring WP Rocket settings for file optimization
01:41 – Minifying and combining CSS and JavaScript files
02:10 – Enabling lazy load for images and videos
02:35 – Preloading cache for faster page load times
03:00 – Controlling Heartbeat API to improve server performance
03:23 – Wrap up and additional resources

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WP Rocket WordPress Plugin Settings 2023 ��WordPress Speed Optimization WP Rocket (3 Minute Setup)

In this video we will see the best WP Rocket Best Settings 2022, this WordPress plugin is very renowned to millions and millions of users.

WP Rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin. WordPress experts regard it as the most effective caching tool. Because of its extensive set of choices and automatic optimization tools, it is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced WordPress users.

You don’t have to be a scientist to launch this rocket, unlike many other caching plugins!

WP Rocket cache ensures that websites load lightning-fast, which is critical for improving SEO ranks and increasing conversions. We set out to make it the most user-friendly caching plugin available, with the simplest setup.

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WP Rocket takes care of everything for you, so you won’t have to modify the code to make your site faster. Simply take pleasure in the quick reduction in loading time as well as improved GTMetrix and PageSpeed scores!

At the same time, if you want to tweak the settings to get the most out of WP Rocket’s power, you can choose from a variety of advanced options, including lazy image loading, XML sitemaps preloading, Google Fonts optimization, CSS and JS minification, deferred JS file loading, database optimization, and more.

Choose from a Single license ($49 for one website), a Plus license ($99 for three websites), or an Infinite license ($249 for unlimited websites) to take benefit of all of this.


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